We found the best dressed students at the freshers’ fair

Wavy Garms

Every year the mayhem that is the freshers fair  descends upon Bristol. Everything that the Bristol Uni has to offer is out to recruit you, as the diversity and breadth of activities all put their best face forward. Along with the free food, which this year included Dominoes (old faithful) and Hotcha, the queues somehow make it taste even better.

This year the Freshers’ Fair has moved to the Downs, which gave it a really cool festival vibe that in my opinion was a vast improvement on previous years down at the Harbourside.

The Freshers’ Fair is also the first time in the uni calendar that all the new (and indeed old) students are in the same place at the same time, decked out in their wavy garms. Therefore we compiled a list of the best dressed people at the Freshers’ Fair

Darcy Ramsden, 3rd year Philosophy student, 20

Beth Healey, Fresher, 18

Sophie Caseldine, 2nd year Modern Languages student, 19

Max, 2nd year Archeology student, 19

Erin Ling, Postgraduate Management student, 25

Ellie, Postgraduate Education student, 23

Jake, Politics and Economics fresher, 18

Alice, 2nd year Liberal Arts student, 19

Katie, History fresher, 18