Bristol women are 5th most right swiped in the country

Tinder is life

Tinder has released data revealing the parts of the country with the highest success rates for right swipes. Women in Bristol attained an impressive 5th place.

Whether this suggests that Bristol student women with their wavey garms and gap yah Tinder profiles are more attractive than others, or Bristolian men are all lecherous fiends is up to debate.

Higher on the list than Bristol were Cardiff, Cambridge and Leeds. London, the home of money and modelling agencies, took the top spot.


So are those Love Saves the Day photos and exotic backgrounds also helping out Bristol’s men to get swiped right by their female counterparts? Unfortunately, Tinder’s data shows that Bristol’s men are in a measly 9th place, even beaten by Sheffield.

James Ward, a student from Leeds university, was unsurprised by the data and said: “Our women probably rank higher because they’re so much edgier.”