Bristol’s biggest names give their advice to freshers

BNOCs one and all

Freshers’ week is well underway and you can almost hear the thousands of hungover sighs as Bristol’s newest batch of freshers try and piece together what happened last night. University life still seems strange and foreign to these youngsters and many may be calling out for some kind of guidance.

Luckily for them, The Tab Bristol have asked Bristol’s biggest names and BNOCs to give us the secret to enjoying uni life to the full.

Chris Mathias – Bristol BNOC Of The Year 2016, President of UBSC

“Pretend to be someone you’re not, sleep with your housemates, don’t bother with lectures, go to Analog, avoid northerners, leave your washing up for your housemates, and tell anyone about your gap year, everyone loves hearing about it.”


Lucky Dube – Bristol BNOC Finalist, President of UBJS

“Your best moments at uni will be spent alone. You’ll soon find that activities like walking, going to galleries, and reading are preferable to partying.”


Livi Brooks-McLaughlin, Bristol BNOC Finalist, Tab Writer

“Don’t write for The Tab.”


Ben Duncan-Duggal, Co-Chair of Bristol Labour Students

“Arrive early to halls, preferably an hour before people start to arrive. Bring about 100000 copies of The Communist Manifesto. Distribute said copies as your fellow freshers arrive. Incite a revolution. Enjoy a bourgeoisie-free university.”

“But on a serious note, make sure you try loads of societies at the start of term and then decide what you want to focus on quickly.”


Maddie Burton, President of Bristol Feminist Society

“Be authentic: go to things that interest you and you’ll meet like-minded people. Also take vitamins, you’ll need them.”


James Heale, President of Freedom Society

“Don’t do drugs kids.”