Bunker is now called Analog after change of management

The end of an era

To students at Bristol, the word Bunker is synonymous with nights out full of hedonism and drunkenness.

Throughout countless freshers’ weeks it has remained a firm favourite with first years as the club of choice on the triangle. Moreover, Bunker Mondays is a regular fixture in the social calendar of many students, and its status as the go to club for Wednesday Sports night is undisputed.

However, a surprise re-branding has changed everything and we must now hail the dawn of the new era of Analog.

As Syndicate became SWX and Lola Los went through its many name change over the years we can only hope that the spirit of Bunker lives on under new management.

Admittedly Analog Mondays does not have the ring to it that Bunker Mondays did, but  it has been confirmed that Monday and Wednesday nights will not change in terms of events or venue.

Only time will tell how student opinion reacts to the transformation.

Felix Gibson, a 3rd Year English literature student, was left un-phased by what he called ‘the fall of a sweaty, groping, windowless empire’, but for many of us Bunker still has a special place in our hearts as a place to pick up a one night stand and vomit on the dance floor. Never forget.