Bristol BNOC of the year nominations: Group 2

The second shortlist of your chosen campus heroes

The second group of campus BNOCs have been nominated in this year’s prestigious competition.

You, the reader, must choose who you want to win by voting at the bottom of the article.

Ben Topley

The extraordinarily popular self hailed “King Social Sec”, Ben Topley is a name known to all.

“The organiser of SCORE, one of the biggest club nights of the year, and an integral part of most sports night out on camus, Ben is undoubtedly a BNOC.” – Anonymous


Hari Sood

A big dog in RAG, Bristol SU’s local fundraising section, Hari’s benevolence is rivaled only by his popularity.

“I’m not a BNOC this competition is a fallacy. Maybe next year’s RAG chair will be, lets make that happen!!”


Ben Kew 

Ben has caused a stir all year since founding the university’s journalism society, especially since he invited the controversial journalist Milo Yiannopoulos to speak. Since the talk, he’s began reporting for the right wing news site Breitbart.

“Ben is like Marmite, you either love him or you hate him.” – Anonymous


Lucky Dube

Equipped with the best name in Bristol, Lucky is the living embodiment of the title “gentleman and a scholar.”

Writer of operas, free speech activist, and editor of his own student magazine, Lucky has his finger in many campus pies.