Nominations are open for Bristol’s BNOC of the year

Could you be the chosen one?

Every year thousands of awards and accolades are handed out all over the UK’s campuses to various sportsmen, musicians and multi-talented people.

However, no award is more prestigious, sought after, and yearned for than The Tab Bristol’s BNOC of the year award. Nothing will give you more bragging rights than this accolade. Nothing will gain your grandchildren’s admiration more than when you recount how you had a threesome with those two blonde girls in the ASS.

Nothing in your life will ever amount to this.

Now its time to nominate the friend who you think deserves to be crowned THE Bristol BNOC 2016.

What makes a BNOC?

Disgusting levels of popularity, everyone knows their name, even if they’ve never met them, they did an act so sordid and vile that even Satan himself would be shocked, they can’t walk outside without bumping into someone they’ve slept with.

Nominate a friend here:

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