Bristol is going to be hotter than LA and Barcelona this weekend

Get your sunnies out

Over the weekend, Bristol’s temperature is set to rise up to the 20s, with Saturday predicted to be 21°C and Sunday 22°C.

Gone are the unusual hail and snow that Bristol saw last weekend, and instead we are being treated to temperatures that make us feel all summery with temperatures beginning to rise tomorrow and peaking on the weekend.

This means that Bristol will be warmer than both Barcelona and LA – which is predicted to be a measly 19°C.

Elsewhere, it’ll be 22°C in Nottingham, 21°C in Manchester and Leeds, and 20°C in Liverpool. Expect to see temperatures start rising from tomorrow.

But don’t don your Hawaiian shirts and rip off Ray Bans just yet though, as some weather stations are predicting that we could have some rain on Sunday.