We asked Bristolians what they were doing to 420 blaze it

Sunshine, smiles and smoking


There are disputes regarding the origin of the term 420. Some say its a reference to Hitler’s birthday while others say its origins lay in Californian drug law.

What isn’t disputed is that it’s all about smoking a lot of weed and that Bristol students love it.

We spoke to some of the lucky people lounging around in Bristol’s green areas and asked what they were doing to 420 blaze it.


I’m here qwa$i 007 free-styling and spreading the love, 420 man yeeees. This is a holiday so I’m not running a business  – I don’t need money my music is a charity for the people. Legalise the weed man.

Edmund Wise – Ancient History at UOB

I’m in third year, so I’ve got a deadline tomorrow and have to hand in my dissertation next week – so thematically speaking, 420 will inspire me through its various means to write some weird abstract bullshit about the ancient world.

Precious Jordan, Horticultural Studies at UWE 

I don’t smoke weed. Salt and vinegar is all I need to give me a buzz.


I didn’t know it was 420 but my good friend just told me! I was actually on my way to get weed anyway, what a time to be alive!


What’s 420? I’m not really celebrating anything, but it’s a nice day. I’m just about to go for a swim actually.

Jay and Daniel

Jay: “Well, we had a good old chill, a wake and bake with some toast and now we’re gonna go on what our friends have dubbed a park crawl, so it’s like a pub crawl but with green-space.”

Daniel: “We’ve pre-rolled our splits cos we’ve noticed it’s a bit breezy out and we don’t want them to blow away – we’ve come prepared.”


I’m about to have a joint with my friend, and relax and go sit in the sunshine in the park. I’m getting baked in more ways than one!