We went to see Drama Soc’s raunchy sex play

‘All men want are tight pussies’

Although we’ve all been told uni is supposed to be a place for wild sexual experimentation and lustful hedonism, many of us have found the reality to be quite different. One group keeping the raunchy flame alive on campus is the University of Bristol Drama Society who have put on a set of plays that can only be described as pretty explicit.

A recent play, The Village Bike, featured a pregnant women giving advice on how to avoid childbirth causing your vagina to stretch out into a ridiculous shape.

Audiences were also shocked to hear that “all men want are tight pussies.”

Highlights of the piece included the lead actress shagging the plumber, who later masturbated in the kitchen. The lucky plumber also dropped the classic line “Thank you for letting me fix your pipes.”

The message of the play was pretty ambiguous, but it did reveal that if your wife is pregnant then that’s peak time for the husband to get laid “because of the hormones”.

The sex scenes grew more violent towards the end of the play, with the lead girl subdued with a hammer while she was shagged on the sink.

Her lover also tried to rip her pants off, and finally threatened her with a sex tape.

The shocked audience displayed mixed reactions to the DramaSoc debauchery. One onlooker compared the play to a 1970s porno.

Although many others sat in stunned silence, second year Classical Studies student Giles Lingwood was pleased by the action and said: “I liked the smut levels.”