A third year named Hugo has set up an avocado stall outside the ASS with his mates

Possibly the most Bristol thing to have ever happened

How did something the colour of your great aunt Muriel’s loo become the hippest thing to smother your rhye-bread with? Third year historian, and co-founder of Avo, Hugo Murphy told us the humble fruit’s rise to prominence started when it was classed as a superfood. Now, he has an avocado-themed food stall outside the ASS library.

Hugo runs Avo with three friends: Claudio Alfano, Tom Diamond and chef Ben Terrington.

Hugo told The Tab: “It’s the brainchild of a few of us. We were sitting around one evening discussing how a lot of people absolutely love avocados and thought of making a food stall based around them. We realised we could get funding from Basecamp for business ideas and went down that road. The next thing you know, we were fully committed.”

Any member of the health-savvy, falafel brigade will tell you this salad accessory can actually claim to help cure a hangover. The superfood stall’s placement between the ASS and the gym should prove successful given claims that the avo’s rich omega-3 content can both enhance brain power and improve your cardiovascular health. Hugo said: “The best thing about avocados is they contain all this goodness, yet they still taste delicious.”

If you thought the fun stopped there you’d be wrong. Avocados are pretty versatile. You can make chocolate brownies with an avocado. Chocolate. Fucking. Brownies. But no ordinary chocolate brownies. Chocolate brownies that probably cure hangovers and make you smarter.

If you like avocados, you’ll know that it’s really important that other people know that you like avocados. This is a cut above your greying guac and staple poached egg, so be sure to get a decent angle on your insta. For this I’ve gone for the “Clarendon” filter which really plays on the light and brings out the vibrancy of the phytonutrients (otherwise known as colours) in the wrap.

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The stall has opened up alongside other food market veterans. The rich, creamy, middle-class, emerald butter will continue to shape-shift and people will continue to find new and innovative ways of photographing their diets. This is just the beginning.

You can make your very own halcyon-day-avocado-post using the ‘Nashville’ filter. (Amaro works quite well too)

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