Tab campaign: Help Annabelle find her passport

She lost it in Lola Lo’s

Annabelle Tomlinson was having the night of her life at Lola Lo’s the other week when disaster struck.

In the midst of a jaegerbomb and Beyoncé filled night, she lost her golden ticket. The one thing that could get her into clubs and out of the country.

Annabelle lost her passport.

Now, she wants your help to find it before things get worse (her parents could get pretty angry).

This Is Annabelle’s story:

“It was a pretty standard night out. Predrinks with a few friends in Stoke Bishop and soon one drink led to another…

“We rowdily arrived at LoLa Lo’s and I was pretty chuffed by the fact that the queue was non-existent as I handed my passport to the bouncer. That was the last time I would see it.

“Inside we got a whole lot of jagerbombs and I was ready to dance. There was some drama going down in the gang so, like the amazing, all be it incredibly drunk, reasonable agony aunt I am, I went to sort out their shit because God dammit Beyoncé was on and that is my jam so hurry up!

What a sick night at LoLa Lo’s might look like

“The last time I remember seeing my beloved passport was either in those disgusting toilets, which, to be honest, if it has touched the floor of I don’t want it back anyway (just kidding if you have it please, please for the love of God return it, my parents are going to kill me).

“I have also lost my driving licence. In fact I’ve pretty much lost everything but my nectar card. I am currently consuming the last bottle of wine I will be able to buy (personally) for two weeks.

“Have pity on me and if anyone was in Lola Lo’s that fateful night and perchance found a lonely trampled-on passport with Annabelle Tomlinson in it, please send me a message request on Facebook. There may even be a reward of two huge packets of bourbons in it for you.”

If you have any information on Annabelle’s passport please get in touch with her on social media or send The Bristol Tab a message on our Facebook page.