Man in women’s knickers is arrested while performing sex act on himself at Clifton Downs

Wait, what?

In the strangest tale of 2016 so far, a man has been arrested after being seen sitting on a bench in women’s knickers while performing a sex act on himself.

Two women saw Alan McKenzie performing his kinky ritual on Clifton Downs and promptly called the police who came to the scene immediately.

Upon arriving at the bench near Bristol Zoo Gardens, the police arrested the 52-year-old father of nine who was reportedly in possession of ladies underwear, pornographic magazines and lubricant.

He told them: “I’m really sorry”, but then denied any wrongdoing when interviewed by officers after his arrest.

Yesterday Mckenzie pleaded guilty to exposure in Bristol Crown Court and was handed a sentence of 12 months community service.

He will also be registered as a sex offender for five years.

Upon leaving court, Mckenzie was reported as having said: “I wish it never happened, it was just an unfortunate incident.”

Students are advised to inform the authorities if any other men in ladies’ underwear are spotted in public around Bristol.