A new clue has been found in the search for DJ Derek

The mystery continues to unfold

 DJ Derek’s family have discovered a clue which could provide a new lead in his disappearance.

Derek Serpell-Morris has been missing for nearly three months. The public have been endlessly campaigning for his safe return, but his whereabouts remain unknown.

Despite the search being focused in Thornbury, where Derek’s bus pass was last used on the 11th of July, a family member has revealed that the family believe he may have boarded another bus to Dursley in Gloucestershire.

Jennifer Griffiths, Derek’s niece, revealed that her parents had found a map of South Gloucestershire in the DJ’s home, which focused on the area of Dursley, and upon which the letter “H” had been drawn in a circle. The family believes that the letter stands for “hospital”.

The family have asked the people of Dursley if they have seen Derek, adding that Jennifer has confirmation that three adults boarded a bus from Thornbury to Dursley at the time of Derek’s disappearance, but without Derek’s bus pass there is no way to confirm whether or not he was one of the adults.


Jennifer has said that the police have ceased their investigation, and admits the difficulty involved in investigating whilst the bus pass number is missing.

“We don’t know whether he would have been visiting the hospital himself, or maybe visiting a friend. We know that he hadn’t visited his GP since 2011, but he had been complaining of head pain the night before he got the bus to Thornbury.

“I don’t know why he would be going to a hospital in Gloucestershire, but he is well known in Bristol and maybe if he had somethnig wrong he wouldn’t have wanted to have been recognised and people to ask questions.”

Avon and Somerset police have said that the investigation is still ongoing, and that all lines of enquiry will continue to be explored.

Despite 70 potential sightings, none have been confirmed to be of the missing DJ.