A giant mechanical spider with a flame-thrower is coming to Bristol

And it’s going to play you some drum and bass

Forget Lizard Lounge, Lakota or even Tokyo Dub: watching a giant mechanical spider shoot flames into the air while a DJ plays house music is the new thing to go and see this September.

The spider, part of the Arcadia Spectacular, has previously appeared at Glastonbury where the likes of Fatboy Slim and Eats Everything have mixed tracks for the gathered masses below.

And you thought Motion’s skate ramps were cool

Now, the iconic structure is landing in Bristol’s Queen Square on September 4 for two nights of electronic music and insane pyrotechnics.

The spider is built completely from recycled military hardware including discarded parts from military planes.

Arcadia in the daytime at Glastonbury, where it’s now a regular feature

Tickets for the two evenings are already on sale and over 9,000 ravers have said they’re attending on the event’s Facebook page.

According to the event’s organisers: “Arcadia will fuse sculpture, innovative recycling, aerial performance, robotics, theatre, biofuel pyrotechnics, engineering, electricity, frequency and immersion into a vivid vortex of spectacle.”

The spider also comes with acrobats

All of this combines to provide punters with “multi-sensory euphoria” apparently, though we can’t see too many people taking a moment mid-gurn to consider the spider’s use of biofuel.

The line-up for both nights will be announced in the coming weeks.