Feminists Fight Back

Bristol students answer the question “Who Needs Feminism?”

Spurred on by the success of the recent protest in Oxford, Bristol’s feminists were out in force on campus yesterday to promote the “Who Needs Feminism?” campaign.

The event, organised by Ellie Williams, attracted attention from hundreds of passing students eager to have their opinions heard.

Even some of the VP’s got in on the act, even if they were merely using it as an opportunity for shameless self-promotion.

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A recurring theme of the afternoon was sexual abuse, with many students using the opportunity to speak out against guys who think it’s okay to mistreat women, particularly in nightclubs.

One fact which surprised many students was that, according to the Hidden Marks report, 1 in 7 students will be sexually assaulted whilst at university.

As well as sexual matters, students also used the opportunity to criticise pre-conceptions about their degree and lifestyle.

Organiser Ellie Williams said she was amazed by the high turn-out, though she admitted it was “a struggle to get guys involved”.

Ellie says there are plans for a similar campaign in the future. Until then, here’s the rest of the best photos from yesterday.

Photos by Ellie Williams