UoB computer science student called lecturer ‘the most beautiful Asian’ during a Zoom seminar

The comment was made during a Zoom seminar last week


A University of Birmingham second year computer science student called a female lecturer “the most beautiful Asian” during a Zoom seminar last Tuesday.

Josh, a second-year computer science student, heard the incident during the Zoom call. “It was sad to see someone not realising just how inappropriate their actions were,” he told The Birmingham Tab.

All second-year computer science students have now been added to a course on online etiquette.

John, a second- year computer science student, was pleased with the overall response to the incident. “I’m very glad most of the computer science class, and the school condemned the behaviour,” he told The Birmingham Tab.

“Luckily the response from the rest of the cohort was very encouraging in its condemning of the student’s actions and in their support for the lecturer in question,” he continued.

In an email circulated last Tuesday morning, second-year Computer Science students were informed of “inappropriate comments” made towards a lecturer during the Zoom seminar.

The Head of Computer Science, Mark Lee, was “extremely disappointed” to hear about the claims.

“The School of Computer Science is an inclusive community and we will not accept offensive behaviour directed against any staff or student,” he said.

Although no actions have been pressed against the individual this time, the email then went on to reference the University’s Code of Conduct, saying that if it happened again, more serious consequences would be faced.

The email continued “we reserve the right to investigate any such behaviour as detailed by the University’s Code of Practice on Student Conduct and Discipline and take serious sanctions against anybody found to be acting in this way.”

A university spokesperson told The Birmingham Tab: “We expect all students and staff to respect all members of the university community and behave in an inclusive way.”

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