How to enjoy Valentine’s Day in Selly for under £10

Break the bed, not the bank

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Valentine’s Day is upon us once again. For so many of you at Birmingham, the day fills you with dread. You worry how you and your other half will be able to enjoy the day without breaking the bank. But don’t fear! The Tab has created this handy guide to enjoying Valentine’s Day for a tenner:

You don’t have to break the bank this Valentine’s Day

Roosters – £3.30

Valentine’s Day is often celebrated with a delicious meal, and what better way to express your love for someone than sharing eight chicken strips, fries and a beverage? For that extra V Day twist why not ask the waiter for some ketchup in the shape of a love heart. Every little helps.

Gordon Ramsay eat your heart out

Wine (Drinks to Go) – £2.99

Drinks to Go is an oasis in the desert of Selly Oak. It is where many a weary traveller can find refreshment and it is where you and your love can acquire a bottle of fine wine for just two of your pounds and 99 of your pennies. Take the edge off with a nice glass of vino whilst knowing that your rent is still going to be able to be paid this month.

Name a more iconic duo… I’ll wait

Moonlit walk around Campus – £0

What better way to inspire love than to take it to the romantic campus of UoB. As Shakespeare once said “Shall I compare thee to a red brick freestanding clocktower?”. Legend also says that anyone who can find their partner a seat in the new library will be rewarded with marriage and eternal gratitude.

You’ll never be as big as Joe but it’s what you do with it that counts

Netflix – technically £7.49 a month but not if you sign up for a free trial with your Uni email

Who needs the cinema? Why not enjoy a nice evening in with your loved one. Put a film on, turn down the lights and enjoy such classic romantic comedies such as Die Hard or Sharknado 3. In some cultures Bruce Willis engaging in counter-terrorism is an aphrodisiac so you might get lucky… However, child support is a lot more than £10 so try not to get too lucky.

Lights, camera, action

Breakfast in bed for bae the morning after – £3.00

Get yourself down to Tesco and secure a meal deal that Tony the Tiger himself would rather eat for breakfast. This is possibly the most important part of the entire Valentine’s Day plan. A single ‘weak’ item such as Coconut Water could lead to you being banished by the community here at Birmingham. You’ll have to go into exile like Napoleon and live in Harborne. Tread carefully with the meal deal – this is where relationships are affirmed or broken.