Popworld is the best club in Birmingham

The club you love to hate isn’t so bad

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The name carries with it a reputation that it seems to have been lugging around for centuries. The mere mention of the club can cause any plans you’ve made on a Saturday night to fall apart, your squad abandoning you for even letting the thought skip past your tongue. Let’s get one thing clear. Popworld is the staple of everything good in the nightclub scene in Birmingham today and it isn’t going away any time soon. Here’s why.

Not as dead as you think

The music

What’s the key ingredient to creating new, long-lasting friendships? Mutual friends? Similar interests? Same political views? Sure, these might all get you a friend for the night. But rest assured – nothing brings two people together more than when they’re screaming ‘Reach for the Stars’ into each other’s ears. If there’s one element that binds communities together more so than the world cup, age or a sense of unified purpose, it’s S-Club 7. And worry not, Popworld is going to be pumping out jams of that ilk all night long.

The people

Where else can you meet such a wide variety of people, being able to submerse yourself in a world outside of uni? Post-graduates, middle-aged businessmen and hip mums all flock to Popworld in droves on a Saturday night because they know it’s the club to be in. They’re older and obviously far more experienced, so it’s safe to say if they’re going to Popworld it must be doing something right.

do we look sad to you?

The aesthetic

Too many clubs these days pride themselves on being ‘stylish’ and ‘edgy.’ Popworld unashamedly wears cheese on the sleeve, boasting disco lights and neon dance floors as far as the eye can see. 80’s clothes are coming back into fashion, so it’s only fair you wear your garms out to the closest thing to an 80’s experience you’re going to get. Go there enough, it’ll practically feel like home.

The staff

Have you ever been refused entry to Popworld? In fact, has anyone been refused entry to Popworld? I doubt it. Take your chance to go now, before it inevitably becomes the next big thing and bouncers start worrying about whether you’re too drunk for the macarena.


Popworld has it all. Sure, it might be cool to hate on it now, but just wait until you hit middle-age and desperately need the throwback. Stop being over pretentious and get yourselves down there in the last week of term to celebrate properly…