Stop hating on Valentine’s Day

It’s not THAT bad

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Okay, I get it. Yes, it’s sickening seeing all the cutesy couples send each other flowers and chocolates and just generally being in love.

You hate them and even worse you hate yourself because really you wish that you had someone to celebrate with.

true love is born over chips....

don’t lie to yourself, you know a part of you wants this


Valentines Day is one of the only days of the year that couples can openly express their cutesy, vomit inducing, love for each other. If anyone has a go at them then they can use the “oh but it’s Valentines Day” excuse.

We spend the rest of the year hating on the couples that are “boring and tied down” so maybe we should just let them have this one day?

Let them be in love

Let them be in love


To all of you bitter singletons – no, V Day was not created by the Devil himself. It is actually a historical celebration, not one single-handedly concocted by Mr. Hallmark for card sales (honest)

Saint Valentine’s Day began as a festivity in celebration of the Christian, Saint Valentinus, and has snowballed into a romantic occasion ever since. I’ll spare you all the boring details, but you get the point.

Valentine’s Day is just as historical as Christmas, and no one complains about celebrating a fat red man squeezing down a chimney.


No-one seems to complain when we get to demolish these bad boys


If you can’t celebrate this V Day with a loved one then why not take the chance to celebrate something you do love.

Everybody in the world loves something – be it music, vodka or cake.

So why on earth should we not take just one day of every year to celebrate the hell out of it?!

Usually we’re ALL for an excuse to party. Crisp lovers, splurge at Tescos. Music lovers, book a gig. Let your hair down, and celebrate what you love and leave the couples to it.


She LOVES me…. So that’s what she’ll be celebrating. Duh


Or alternatively, finish two bottles of £2.50 Drinks 2 Go wine in an hour and party your heart out at Popworld with your girl/guy friends.

Just stop hating on the goo-eyed cuties sending each other love notes.

Fuck you Degree Snobs, we don't need you

Don’t say “fuck you” to V Day


I can guarantee you’ll be telling all your mates you love them by the end of the night anyway.