We’ve been hit by a huge snow flurry

Snow joke


A small blizzard hit Selly Oak this morning – and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Chloe, a third year History of Art student, said: “I’m not too happy about the snow.

“It’s like an old sixth form friend that you don’t want to contact you sending you Facebook messages every year.

“Does anyone actually like snow? It’s shit and cold, what’s there to like?”

Ben, a second year Politics student, said: “To be honest, I don’t mind the snow.

“I drive to uni, so if anything, it gives me a great excuse not to go to lectures.

“It is a bit grim though. If it settled it would be alright, but this slushy stuff isn’t great.”

Ooh, arty

Some students are happier about the snow than others

Grab your mittens, Ben – weather boffins predict the snow will continue all of tomorrow, and is likely to get worse early next week.