Violent thugs attack third-year student on his doorstep

A gang of three mugged a harmless music student on Teignmouth Road


Before term time has even begun, a third year student has already fallen victim to an attack on his Teignmouth doorstep.


  • Musician Ollie was punched to the ground and told to hand over his possessions
  • Gang of 3 unarmed thugs carried out the attack
  • Undercover police observed the assault and chased the attackers
  • The 3 culprits were caught using a police helicopter and now await trial in October



The attack happened at 2.20 am on Sunday, when Music third year Ollie (who does not wish to be identified) was returning home from a night out at Fab.

Ollie's house, pictured here

Ollie’s house pictured here

The attack occurred at approximately 3.15 am, after Ollie was spotted by a gang of three adolescent males walking up Teignmouth Road alone.

The culprits have been confirmed as two black males and one white, all aged 15.

Two were locals from Selly Oak, the other is from Oldbury.

Ollie recalls walking past the gang as he returned home along Dawlish Road and believes that they were loitering on the street.

Sensing he was alone, the gang proceeded to stalk the student up Teignmouth, before attacking him from behind as he attempted to enter his home.

The gang stalked Ollie up Teignmouth road

The gang stalked Ollie along Teignmouth road

The ensuing assault happened in a matter of seconds, with one of the attackers hitting Ollie in the jaw, while the other two proceeded to punch him in his midriff.

They then demanded that he handed over his phone and wallet, while continuing to carry out the assault.

Luckily, Ollie’s assault was interrupted by two plain clothed officers, who had observed the attack from their car parked at the bottom of Teignmouth.

The two officers rushed to intervene, causing the three members of the gang to give flight, dispersing from the scene in different directions.

Despite escaping from the scene, it is understood that all 3 culprits were later apprehended using a police helicopter ,which used heat sensor technology to locate the individual gang members, who were hiding in different locations.

All three culprits have been charged with aggravated robbery and released with strict bail conditions.

They await trial in October, where they will be tried at Birmingham’s Youth Court.

Ollie hopes his attack will warn other students of the dangers of walking home alone

Ollie hopes his attack will warn other students of the dangers of walking home alone

Speaking to the Tab, Ollie said that the attack had really shaken him, but commended the police for their excellent response.

“I’m pretty shaken by the attack and my jaw and stomach are still pretty tender, but I actually count myself pretty lucky that there were undercover police at hand to intervene- it could have been worse otherwise.

“I read about the crimes happening last year in The Tab, but I never thought it would happen to me.

“Now I’ve experienced just how terrifying it can be, I really want to stress to other students that it is not a good idea to walk home alone.

“Even if you’re really drunk, you need to try and find friends walking in the same direction. It could and will prevent cases like mine happening in the future.”

There are FB groups for students to use when walking home

There are FB groups for students to use when walking home

Regarding the police response to his assault, Ollie said he couldn’t thank them enough.

“They really were outstanding- the two undercover officers even apologised for not getting there fast enough- but I’m just extremely grateful they were there to intervene and then apprehend the culprits.

“Following the attack the police were incredibly attentive, and I want to thank local constable Sarah Cox for offering her support and help.

“The Guild have also been in touch, and it was very kind of VP for Welfare Frankie Green and the rest of the sab officers to send their condolences.”

The WM Police have increased their presence in Selly Oak to combat student-targeted crime

The WM Police have increased their presence in Selly Oak to combat student-targeted crime

In a statement to the Tab, a West Midlands Police spokesperson said: “All three males arrested in relation to the robbery have been charged, whilst one has also been charged on the suspicion of possessing cocaine.

“All have been conditionally bailed to appear at Birmingham Youth Court on 6 October.

“The West Midlands Police maintains unmarked patrols in the Selly Oak area and we are pleased that one of our patrols has resulted in the intervention and arrest of those suspected of involvement in this incident.

“If you witness or have any information regarding an incident in the local area, please contact West Midlands police on 101.”


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