Battling My Boredom: BATSOC

As an Arts student struggling with lack of contact hours, Tamara Leonard conquers her boredom with Batsoc

We received a very warm welcome

As a philosophy student I average roughly 4 hours a week in Uni. This being so, I vowed to do something more useful with my spare time this year, and not spend so much time napping. After seeing the Guild’s ‘Give it a go’ societies fair advertised, I decided to try a new society each week.

This week my flatmate I thought i’d give Batsoc a try– the University’s Battle Re-enactment Society. I managed to drag along my flatmate Kat. It took some persuading on my part! But I said i’d owe her a Rooster’s.

As we entered the Harvey Milk room, looking round at my well-bearded companions, I couldn’t help feeling a little out of place in my little dainty dress. However, the members could not have been more welcoming, if a little bewildered at the sight of two weedy looking girls.

Calm down, it’s a very manly skirt!

We excitedly followed one member up to the store cupboard to collect some equipment, and on the way he told us the tale of how one epic fight had lead him to become known as ‘Darling’ – a nickname that in no way suited this boy wearing a t-shirt bearing skulls.

Things became a little ominous as he led us into a door that was definitely signed “Men’s”; but luckily the storeroom was (strangely placed) just beyond this door. We began to panic again as he handed us our outfits: large leather gloves, thick medieval-looking wrist…things, a rather heavy helmet, a ridiculously heavy wooden shield, and finally, there at last, a glistening (blunt) sword. To further our discomfort, Darling then produced a first aid kit – though he assured us this was normal practice…

I was shown the basic fighting moves by our new friend ‘Cabbage’, whilst Kat was shown the ropes by “Floober”. It was almost impossible to even lift the shields, let alone manoeuvre them around our bodies, and we soon found it was all just as terrifying as it looks!

The boys finished off by giving us a look at their show fighting, which made it clear who the professionals are!

Just your standard post-Fab scene

If you want to take part in Batsoc there are meetings every Sunday in the Underground, and this society is not just for those who like the idea of wielding a sword – there are also opportunities for craftier individuals to help make the costumes and weapons, and learn more about the era 1066-1240.

The Tab would like to give the experience 7/10 – not for everyone, pretty hard work but a lot of fun and members could not have been friendlier!