What Bre meant at Selling Sunset reunion about Cassandra having her ‘v*gina on the internet’

Cassandra has clapped back at the comment

I never thought I’d be saying this, but the topic of Cassandra apparently having her “vagina out on the internet” was brought up at the Selling Sunset season seven reunion, and now everyone is confused.

Bre and Cassandra have this on-going confusing beef, ever since Cassandra turned up on the show and said she knew Bre from before filming. Bre said they didn’t know each other, Cassandra continued to say they did, then the internet looked for evidence and found loads, before Bre said they had a further argument on Selling Sunset which was cut. Honestly, it’s all been a big ol’ mess.

So, no surprise, when the drama was brought back up at the reunion, sparks flew. When the girls and Tan France rewatched drama from Selling Sunset season seven between Cassandra and Bre, Bre said: “I’m not gonna have some girl who has her frickin’ vagina out all over the internet tell me what’s classy.” She then clarified her comments were about Cassandra, and not Chelsea, who had found herself in the middle of the feud.

Selling Sunset season seven

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Cassandra has since replied to the dig Bre made at the reunion, and said on Instagram that she used to model for Playboy. “I was a Playboy playmate in 2018, and so was Bre’s close friend and cast mate Heather years before me,” Cassandra said.

“If I cared about anyone judging me for doing that, I wouldn’t have made that decision. I don’t blame her for trying to put me down in any way she can, bc she seems to REACH for anything she can to be mean and justify her random hostile behaviour. Maybe she didn’t realise she’s also putting her friend down as well lol.”

She also pointed out the Bre does OnlyFans, so probably shouldn’t speak about women this way. “Oh, and not to mention, Bre is on OnlyFans,” Cassandra added. “No judgments about that but let’s not be hypocritical here! 💅🏽”

Whilst it’s unclear what kind of content Bre posts on OnlyFans, the description for her page says it’s “behind the scenes footage” and “never before seen images, and so much more on Bre TV.”

Girls, this is a mess!

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