Selling Sunset season seven reunion memes

The Selling Sunset season seven reunion was wild, and these 30 memes about it are too

I’m still recovering

Netflix has dropped the reunion episode following season seven of Selling Sunset, and since then nobody has stopped sharing memes reacting to all of the drama. And there was plenty!

From Chrishell serving at every given opportunity, to Bre dishing on Michael B Jordan and Jason going under a lie detector test, there was a lot to take in during the episode. And that’s without mentioning that The OC cast came back, and for some reason nobody can seem to work out, Marie-Lou was also brought back… to say absolutely nothing.

Here are all the very best memes about the Selling Sunset season seven reunion. Enjoy.

1. Our girl!

2. I’ve really grown to love him

3. Tell me something I don’t know!

4. I need to know what this means

5. Adore her

6. Why is she here pls

7. The rest of the cast could never

8. I am shook????

9. I can’t keep up with all this

10. Growth!

11. This really spoke volumes

12. Louder!

13. I needed more!

14. No crumbs!

15. Chrishell served here end off

16. Thank you x

17. Same x

18. This was soooo good

19. Sorry not sorry


21. I can’t keep defending Amanza anymore

22. I can’t get over this

23. Obsessed

24. You can’t deny it!

25. I need to be safe!

26. Love Romain

27. Tbh, yeah

28. Give him a full time role on the show

29. My faves

30. Truth!

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