Bre says she’ll need ‘more therapy’ if she’s ever going to return to The Oppenheim Group

‘I’m trying to find my sanity again’

After season seven of Selling Sunset, it’s been really unclear what the future for Bre Tiesi at The Oppenheim Group will look like. The final episode saw her storm out the office, and an argument over the commission split for realtors saw her questioning if she wants to work for the brokerage anymore.

Whilst Bre has previously confirmed right now she is “taking a break” from The Oppenheim Group, she’s since clarified there are some very important things she needs to do if she’s going to return to work there.

Speaking about her possible return, Bre told The Hollywood Reporter: “I don’t know how I feel. I think I need a little more therapy and a little bit more downtime. I’m going to have to process that one, I think.”

She added that she’s not worked much since filming, and said: “I haven’t been working a ton. After I got free from filming, I really dove into my family and my son and trying to find my sanity again.”

Bre Tiesi talks returning to The Oppenheim Group and Selling Sunset

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Bre previously said she’s currently “taking a step back” from The O Group, as she feels constantly “under attack” by her fellow Selling Sunset cast members.

“I’m definitely taking a break from The O Group,” she said. “I think that if the circumstances were a little bit different and maybe if I get to be myself and not feel like I’m under attack 24/7. I’m going to wait it out. I’m gonna see how I feel. I just need a moment and then I’ll reassess.”

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