Bre Selling Sunset break

Bre from Selling Sunset reveals she’s ‘taking a break’ from The Oppenheim Group

‘I’m going to take a step back and see how I feel after I have a little time’

Bre is one of the newest members to join The Oppenheim Group and she’s brought a lot of drama to the reality show. But despite only just joining the cast of Selling Sunset, Bre might be leaving sooner than you’d think after saying she’s “taking a break from the group.”

Bre is going to ‘take a step back’ from The Oppenheim Group

Bre revealed that her future on the show is “undecided” but that she wants to prioritise her one-year-son over constantly feeling “under attack” on Selling Sunset.

“I’m definitely taking a break from The O Group,” she said. “I think that I bring a lot of value, and I just had a baby, and there’s a lot of things happening there that I don’t really care to deal with, nor should I need to deal with.

“So, I think that at this point, I’m just reevaluating, and I’m going to take a step back and see how I feel after I have a little time.”

She feels like certain cast members are ‘crossing the line’

Bre’s feud with Chelsea has been ongoing ever since she voiced her criticism about Bre’s unconventional relationship with Nick Cannon, who is the father of her son Legendary.

She also found herself feuding with newcomer Cassandra, who claimed that she and Bre already knew each other, although Bre has been insisting both on and off the show that they had never met in person before.

“Aside from obviously filming a show, I think that there are certain lines and boundaries that people should have regardless of their opinions,” Bre continued.

“And I think that once those lines are crossed,  you’re left thinking, ‘What are we doing here? Is this the best place for me to be as healthy as the best person I want to be?’

“Because I sure as hell don’t want to be around people that are going to, I don’t want to say bullying because I feel like that’s such a victim mentality, but it’s the constant berating and opinions and just unwelcomed unsolicited moments that makes it like, why am I even doing why am I doing this? I have nothing to prove to you.

“So, I think that’s kind of where my headspace is at the minute and I’m just more worried about my son more than everything else happening over there, he’s my priority above everything. So if I’m being dragged and miserable, it doesn’t make a great.”

She feels like she is ‘under attack 24/7’

Some of Bre’s hesitation about coming back to Selling Sunset after her break comes as she feels like she’s “under attack 24/7.”

Bre explained, “I think that if the circumstances were a little bit different and maybe if I get to be myself and not feel like I’m under attack 24/7. I’m going to wait it out. I’m gonna see how I feel. I just need a moment and then I’ll reassess.

“I have a small child and I’m at a new place in my life, so I’m really just trying to figure everything out to be entirely honest.”

Jason refuses to confirm whether Bre is still employed by the group

Despite her beef with Cassandra and Chelsea, Bre stressed that she has a great relationship with her fellow female colleagues. “I absolutely love all of the girls,” she enthused. “You know, it’s a bunch of strong women, and it is an amazing show, so there’s a lot of pros to it. Of course, the biggest con is the drama.”

Bre’s future at the company looks uncertain as Jason refuses to confirm whether she is still an employee at the company. When asked Jason replied, “You’d have to ask her, I am on good terms with Bre.”

Looks like we’ll have to wait until the reunion to see if Bre has any more thoughts on whether she’ll return to the show for the next season.

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