Bre explains row Selling Sunset didn’t show with Cassandra and now it makes more sense

‘It was too disgusting to even air’

In Selling Sunset season seven we were introduced to new girl Cassandra, and with that came her historic beef with Bre. The whole feud was very confusing, with Bre seeming to dismiss Cassandra saying they knew one another, but not really saying what her problem with her was.

Everyone was very confused, then in the final episode of the season their beef came to the boil, and it ended in Bre storming out the office saying she was “done” with it all. Throughout, it definitely felt as though we were missing something. Does Cassandra have something on Bre, or?

Well, it looks like there literally was something missing, as Bre has now claimed Selling Sunset didn’t show part of the argument between herself and Cassandra. So, here’s what she’s said about what went down.

Right, what has Bre said about her beef with Cassandra and what wasn’t shown on Selling Sunset?

Bre and Cassandra argue during Selling Sunset season seven on Netflix

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When Cassandra showed up, she said she knew Bre from back in the days when they both used to work as bottle girls. Apparently they interact on Instagram a lot, but Bre said she couldn’t remember any of this.

Speaking on Instagram, Bre has claimed Selling Sunset didn’t show the full reason why she was angry and upset with Cassandra, which is why it all looked a bit out of context to us. “They did not show the whole thing no or the big reason why I snapped,” Bre said. “Let’s just say it was too disgusting to even air.”

When asked by another fan to explain more, Bre said: “Well let’s see how much is shown in the reunion first 👀.” PSA: The Selling Sunset season seven reunion is on Netflix on November 15th.

After Bre stormed out the office on Selling Sunset, people have been wondering what caused the reaction, and if anything happened next.

“I do not do fake,” Bre said on Instagram. “She [Cassandra] came in with an agenda. I did not ‘hate’ her I just did not embrace her due to her immediately greeting me in a way insinuating we knew each other and telling me my own life timeline … prettty off putting … especially to someone born and raised in [LA] anyone with street smarts would clearly see this is a red flag.”

She added she “had never met this girl in my life” and said: “My case was made within hours of her arriving .. she jumped down my throat and accused me of not liking her and having a problem all based off me not embracing her how SHE wanted me to. I go with energy and my gut and I’m never wrong.”

Bre also claimed Cassandra said things about her and her family that “were so disgusting even Netflix wouldn’t air” the row. She said: “U really think this girl sets me off cuz she called me a b? Lol .. imagine how nasty it must’ve been.”

Um, yikes?!

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