Bre Cassandra Selling Sunset knew each other

An investigation into whether Bre and Cassandra knew each other before Selling Sunset

We have to get to the bottom of this


Since arriving on Selling Sunset new girl Cassandra has been involved in major beef with Bre. When the two first met Cassandra greeted Bre in a friendly way and went in for a hug which Bre rejected. Cassandra seemed confused and claimed that she and Bre already knew each other before Selling Sunset, from when they did a brand shoot together and claimed that they were both bottle girls at the same time. However, Bre denied these claims and stated that the two have “never met before.”

Since then Bre has doubled down on her insistence that she has never met Cassandra. In her Instagram comments Bre wrote: “I have never met this girl in my life. I did not hate her, I just did not embrace her due to her immediately greeting me in a way insinuating we knew each other and telling me my own lifetime.”

But after some in-depth investigation that would make the FBI jealous, it would appear that Cassandra was in the right and she and Bre did know each other before they met in Selling Sunset.

Bre has commented and liked a lot of Cassandra’s Instagram pictures

Cassandra posted a series of photos and comments on her Instagram story that back up her claim that the two already knew each other before the show. The first picture is dated from 2021 and shows Cassandra out for dinner wearing her engagement ring. And surprise surprise who has not only liked but also commented under her picture other than Bre.

Via Instagram @cassandradawnxo

Bre commented “Ummmmm ur stunning, and that ring” followed by a shocked face and a flame emoji. Cassandra posted the picture of Bre’s comment on her story and captioned it “Glad I’m not the only one who’s confused by this.” Then again in January of last year, Bre liked Cassandra’s photo of her holding her adorable puppy.

Via Instagram @cassandradawnxo

But Bre said that her comments don’t mean the two know each other

Bre continued to reply to comments on Instagram yesterday, stating again that she “DOES NOT KNOW HER.” Bre said: “I DO KNOW KNOW HER never met her, did we exchange comments probably because we did exchange comments etc and I have a team who helps me respond, interact etc… she may think she has spoken to me but she has no grounds to ever think we have met, so gain her whole approach was weird and this whole storyline is bizarre.”

Via Instagram @bre_tiesi

Bre and Cassandra have a lot of mutual friends from college

One Reddit user also did their own investigation and found some very interesting information that could connect the two. On Facebook, they found a photo of Bre with her roommates in 2013, one of whom was Gemma Lee Farrell. Gemma was already a Playboy playmate at the time and knew both Heather and Cassandra at least by 2012.

It seems like Bre was very close friends with Gemma and their third roommate Danielle as far back as 2011. But that means Bre at a very minimum must have known of Cassandra, if not known her personally for over a decade.

So, whilst there’s no 100 per cent hard evidence that Cassandra and Bre knew each other before Selling Sunset, there’s no doubt Bre would have heard of Cassandra through mutual friends before they met.

I’m so invested!

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