Ranked: The most successful Selling Sunset agent, by commission earned in season seven

Chelsea made double what Bre did

During season seven of Selling Sunset, commission and being the most successful agent has been on the lips of lots of the realtors. Now more than ever, it’s felt like a huge battle to prove yourself at The Oppenheim Group, and be the one who is known for selling the most.

But who actually does put their money where their mouth is? Out of all the girls, who is coming through with the most sales? The team at OLBG has taken a look, and revealed which agent was the most successful this season. 

So, here’s a ranking of the most successful Selling Sunset agents, based on who earned The Oppenheim Group the most money in commission during season seven.

6. Everyone else – $0 commission earned 

Out of 18 total properties mentioned in season seven, only five of those properties were actually sold by the end of the series. With it being a hard time for the property market in the US, especially for luxurious properties such as those featured, it’s not exactly surprising that the agents struggled this season. Agents such as Nicole, Amanza and Mary didn’t earn any commission whilst filming season seven. 

5. Chrishell –  $79,200 commission earned

The most successful agent in Selling Sunset season seven

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In last place of the five agents to sell a property this season is Chrishell, who made $79,200 in commission. Chrishell sold a beautiful classic-looking property on Queens Road for $3,495,000, the lowest-priced property sold this season, but still for a huge amount of money.

4.  Bre – $120,000 commission earned

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With a $120,000 commission earned in season seven, Bre takes the fourth spot on the list of most successful agents. Bre sold a gorgeous City on Hillside Avenue in West Hollywood that sold for $5,995,000. 

3. Jason – $136,800 commission earned

The most successful agent in Selling Sunset season seven

via Netflix

In third place is Jason, who lost out on second place by a mere $200, earning $136,800 during this season. Jason sold a stunning property at Viewsite Ter, surrounded by stunning views of LA. The property sold for $5.7million, just less than a property Emma sold. 

2. Emma – $137,000 commission earned

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Up next is Emma, who made $137,000 in commission this season. The property she sold on Hillside Avenue up in the hills included a beautiful swimming pool and had four bedrooms and five bathrooms. The property sold for $5,726,000, but that was only half of the amount Chelsea’s property sold for.

1. Chelsea – $240,000 commission earned 

The most successful agent in Selling Sunset season seven

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Taking the top spot as the winner of Selling Sunset season seven is of course our girl Chelsea, who never fails to seal a deal, with a whopping $240,000 commission earned this time around. 

Chelsea sold just one property this season, a gorgeous property on the famous Mulholland Drive in Beverly Hills, that sold for almost $10million, by far the most expensive property sold this season.

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