The Traitors reunion

Claudia Winkleman has confirmed there will be a reunion with The Traitors finalists

It comes out tomorrow!

Claudia Winkleman has confirmed there will be a reunion episode with the five finalists of The Traitors and it’s out this weekend. The Traitors has become all anyone can talk about as the new reality TV show has gripped the nation. The final episode saw Hannah, Aaron and Meryl split the £101,050 prize money between themselves as they banished the final traitors.

Claudia Winkleman, who hosted the show throughout, has confirmed that she will be hosting The Traitors reunion this weekend. Claudia will be joined by the five finalists, Kieran Tompsett, Wilfred Webster, Meryl Williams, Hannah Byczkowski and Aaron Evans for a special reunion episode.

Fans can get their final fix of The Traitors on Saturday morning at 10am on BBC Radio 2. Claudia confirmed the news on her Instagram and said: “Thank you so much for watching. The final five will be with be on BBC Radio 2 at 10 on Saturday.”

It’s safe to say that everyone will be tuning in to see just what the three faithfuls plan to spend their money on as well as just how Wilfred managed to get as far as he did. During the final roundtable, Wilfred, who managed to stay a traitor until the end, was exposed for who he was as Hannah and Aaron decided to not end the game after Kieran was banished.

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