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Profess your innocence while you read these 15 memes about The Traitors final episode

The best television in decades

The Traitors final episode was a finale like no other. There was deceit, lying and betrayal like never before and somehow Wilfred still managed to be figured out thanks to Kieran’s cryptic comments. While it’s clear Wilfred’s tears were not happy ones because he really wanted that £100k, Hannah, Aaron and Meryl were crowned the winners of BBC’s The Traitors and took home £101,050 – what more could you want? While all this was going down, The Traitors fans were going crazy on Twitter, sharing world class memes every minute. So if you’re still reeling from the final episode and are in need of some nostalgic laughs, here are 15 memes from The Traitors final:

1. Alexa play She Knows by J. Cole


3. Justice for the faithfuls!

4. Loool

5. He’s too pure for this world x


7. A legend x

8. OMG

9. Deserved!

10. Looool

11. A dark day

12. We failed her x

13. King x

14. Facts!!!


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