Sugar Spice Drag Race

Meet Sugar and Spice: The vibey twins cast on Drag Race with 7.4 million TikTok followers

It’s the first time they’ve had siblings on the show!

For the first time ever, a pair of actual, fraternal twins have been cast on RuPaul’s Drag Race – with season 15 seeing Sugar and Spice compete separately in the race. Not only that, but the twins are the queens with the biggest following ever to be cast on the show before the series begins. But who are Sugar and Spice? How did they get such a large following? Here’s everything you need to know about Sugar and Spice on Drag Race season 15!

Luca and Copper Coyle are their real names, and they’re 23 years old

Sugar and Spice are both 23 and live in LA – but they are originally from Long Island in New York. Sugar’s Insta is @sugarsworld, and Spice is @callmespice.

Their TikTok is MASSIVE

7.4 million TikTok followers is literally insane, and you just know it’s going to go up and higher after Sugar and Spice debut on Drag Race. They mainly post transformation videos.

They’re just as fit out of drag as they are in it

Looking extremely respectfully.

What have they said about Drag Race?


In her Meet The Queens, Spice describes herself as “the doll you parents never let you play with.” She then also calls herself a fraud because she couldn’t even name five spices, which made me laugh out loud to be honest.

Spice describes her drag aesthetic as “crazy whore, but really funny and silly at the same time.” Kind of a dream combo. Spice says she’s not worried about competing against Sugar on Drag Race and is ready to throw her twin under the bus. Vibes.


Sugar says in her Meet the Queens that people probably look at her and think she’s a bitch, but says she’s the opposite of what she looks like because growing up she was the opposite of that so drag lets her cosplay as the Regina George character.

Sugar says she’s not competitive with anyone BUT with Spice she is, so I’m braced for the fireworks. I’m so ready for season 15!

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