Then and now: These are the biggest post Love Is Blind transformations ever

It’s giving the glow of saying ✨ I do not ✨ at the altar


After appearing on Love Is Blind, some of the cast members have had quite dramatic transformations as they embrace life in the public eye. They step out of the pods and have full-scale glow-ups, maybe sometimes in revenge for being wronged at the altar, who knows.

Some people from the show have completely changed their vibes since the pods days, and it shows. Here are the biggest transformations had by people who went on Love Is Blind, from when they were on the show to now.

Kelly Chase

The biggest post Love Is Blind transformations

via Netflix / Instagram @chaselifewithkelly

Since saying no to Kenny at the altar in season one, Kelly has changed loads. After she finished the show, Kelly said she had an “emotional and gruelling” battle with her body image, and now finally feels at peace with herself. She has become a health coach and is now a self-love expert and speaker. Good for you, Kelly!

Lauren Speed-Hamilton

via Netflix / Instagram @need4lspeed

Lauren is the undisputed queen of Love Is Blind and whilst yes, she’s had one of the biggest transformations, her face card has never failed. She’s changed up her hair and vibe a lot, and looks as amazing as ever.

Cameron Hamilton

The biggest post Love Is Blind transformations

via Netflix / Instagram @cameronreidhamilton

Lauren’s now husband, Cameron, was our favourite nerdy guy in season one. He rapped for Lauren’s mum, for basically no reason, and won our hearts with his and Lauren’s love story. Since the show, Cameron has seriously glowed up. He’s got a full beard now, and is quite stacked.

Giannina ‘Gigi’ Gibelli

via Netflix / Instagram @gianninagibelli

The bringer of the season one drama, Gigi, has dramatically changed since she was on the show. At the time, she was one of the youngest people to ever appear on Love Is Blind, aged just 25, and now she has grown up loads. She’s traded in her blonde hair for brunette, is dating someone new and just looks much happier!

Amber Pike

The biggest post Love Is Blind transformations

via Netflix / Instagram @atypicalamber

Amber and Barnett have celebrated four years of marriage, since meeting on the show. Alongside the Hamiltons, they are the only hope that love might actually be blind. Amber looks quite different since being on Love Is Blind, but as you can see, Barnett still looks exactly the same.

Shayne Jansen

via Netflix / Instagram @shaynejansen

Shayne faced a lot of controversy after he left the show, but has since said he’s been trying to focus on himself. He’s posted a lot of body positivity before and after pictures on Instagram, sharing his journey with us all. He’s grown his hair out, too.

He’s now been announced as part of the cast of another Netflix dating show, and he’s got a mega cute dog!

Deepti Vempati

The biggest post Love Is Blind transformations

via Netflix / Instagram @lifewithdeeps

Deepti is gorgeous, end of. She just now has the added glow of a woman who brushed off an awful man and chose herself. I truly love it for her.

Nancy Rodriguez

via Netflix / Instagram @thenancyrodriguez

I am absolutely living for Nancy’s post-wedding breakup hair change. Since season three of Love Is Blind she’s grown her hair our – or got extensions – and has dyed the fronts blonde. She looks incred. Bartise, who?

Zanab Jaffrey

The biggest post Love Is Blind transformations

via Netflix / Instagram @zanabjaffrey

Zanab really said ‘I don’t need a man’ and went full-scale glam after Love Is Blind season three. She’s glowing.

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