Wednesday monsters

A complete guide to all the monsters, creatures and outcast species in Wednesday

Brb off to become a siren so I can have eyes that blue

One of the greatest things about Wednesday on Netflix is how the show is a melting pot of all different horror reference points and mythologies – and Nevermore Academy becomes a home to all kinds of different monsters, creatures and, in the show’s lore, species of ‘outcast’. On Wednesday, characters are either outcasts or normies – with the outcasts being those supernaturally inclined. Not all the show’s monsters, creatures and outcast species get a lot of attention, so here’s your guide to all of the ones that feature in season one of Wednesday on Netflix.


A lot of Nevermore students fall under the psychics category. Following in her mother Morticia’s footsteps, Wednesday  has visions, and so does Xavier who channels them into paintings. Eugene can psychically control bees and Rowan who attacks Wednesday in the first episode has the psychic power of telekinesis. If I could have any power in the world personally, it would be that. So jealous of Rowan, even if he didn’t use it wisely.


Sirens are a demon from Greek mythology who look and sound like beautiful women, and use their voices to lure sailors to their death and destruction. Bianca Barclay is the head siren in Wednesday, and in the show’s mythology the sirens have piercing blue eyes and use their song to manipulate others into getting what they want. Xavier broke up with Bianca because he was worried she was trying to control him with her power.


Like the most famous gorgon of all, Medusa, the gorgons in Wednesday have snakes for hair and have to keep their scalp covered with a hat at all times – or risk turning students briefly to stone – like Ajax does to himself when he looked in the mirror accidentally. The gorgon in Wednesday we see the most is Ajax, who ends up dating Wednesday’s roommate Enid.

Fun that on the show the gorgons are referred to as the stoners, for obvious reasons.


I mean, you don’t need me to tell you what a werewolf is. But Enid is of course the known wolf of Wednesday, and when she finally gets to fully wolf out in the final episode it’s absolutely euphoric. I hope in future seasons we get to see more of them!


Wednesday monsters

Why the hell did we barely see any vampires at Nevermore? I want fang action! The most we got was Yoko, the sunglasses wearing cool girl Enid stayed with when she rowed with Wednesday.


Wednesday monsters

The main villain of Wednesday season one comes in the form of the monstrous Hyde, aka Tyler Galpin – Wednesday’s love interest. Hydes get their name from Jekyll and Hyde, and are mostly seemingly a normy – only truly showing their monstrous visage when triggered by a chemical reaction or by traumatic event.

Hydes were banned from attending Nevermore due to their unpredictable and dangerous nature. In the lore of Wednesday, people are still unsure if Hydes are aware of their actions of if they’re mindless and animalistic in their killings.


Wednesday monsters

Shapeshifters are the last of all the monsters, creatures and outcast species in Wednesday. Principal Weens is a secret shapeshifter – and uses her powers to pretend she’s Rowan so the school doesn’t get into trouble for his death and in the final episode when she is murdered by Laurel after shifting into Tyler. Like Mystique from X Men, basically – only played by Game of Thrones icon Gwendoline Christie.

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