Spotify Wrapped 2022 music personality

This is exactly what all 16 music personalities mean in Spotify Wrapped 2022

Early Adopter until I die

Happy Spotify Wrapped 2022 day to all who celebrate! This year, users on the app have been given a music personality as part of the Spotify Wrapped 2022 experience and it’s so cool.

We all still get the usual personal data like top artists, genres and how many minutes we’ve listened to. But this music personality makes things a little bit more exciting and spicy. The feature has been analysing you and how you listen to music in 2022 and assigns you one of 16 personalities. It’s got big zodiac vibes to be honest.

The Adventurer

This music personality means “you’re a seeker of sound.” The official Spotify Wrapped 2022 website says: “You venture out into the unknown, searching for fresher artists, deeper cuts, newer tracks – especially gems yet to be found.”

The Early Adopter

via Spotify

The Early Adopter is all about the person who has their finger on the pulse when it comes to music. You’re always seeking the “next hot thing” and if a song is trending, you’re on it.

The Deep Diver

Spotify Wrapped 2022 music personality

via Spotify

The Deep Diver is someone who loves an artist and dives into their catalogues. Taking in all the sights and sounds you “discover along the way.”

The Devotee

Now The Devotee is someone who LOVES an artist. Like really, really loves them to the point where you know “all the words to the hits, the deep cuts, and every song in between.”

The Replayer

Spotify considers you to be a comfort listener. The website says: “You stick with the songs you like, by the artists you like, from whenever and wherever.” Some might call you boring but I call you RELIABLE.

The Connoisseur

Spotify Wrapped 2022 music personality

It goes without saying that you’ve got some serious taste and your music preferences are the best. If you’ve got the aux then everyone knows they’re in safe hands, basically.

The Maverick

The Maverick isn’t called the Maverick for no reason. You are a solo flyer who doesn’t fear straying from the crowd. Spotify says: “You know who you are as a listener.” And it’s true.

The Fan Clubber

The Fan Clubber is the type of fan music artists dream of having. You support your top artists with every bone in your body and they love you for it.

The Top Charter

The Top Charter loves a hit song, you’re not someone who goes in much further than the top six to 1- songs on an artists profile. You’re here for the top five and that’s great. But equally you love the charts and trending songs, you always have it blasting.

The Enthusiast

The Enthusiast is who it says on the in. You enthuse your artists. You are a super fan and always there when your fave people release new music. You go above and beyond for those you love.

The Time Traveler

The Time Traveler is a historian. You look out for music that is new to you, regardless of when it was released.

The Musicologist

You’re in tune with the past and present of music, you love music that stands the test of time and know when somethings good enough to be streamed in 50 years time and adored.

The Nomad

The Nomad is a “sonic explorer that listens far and wide,” but once you find your song you stick with it.

The Voyager

The Voyager expands your world through sound. Spotify says “you’re like a musical globetrotter” or a “music-filled blowfish,” so make of that what you will.

The Jukeboxer

You don’t just have one favourite song, you have loads. And you listen to them all with the gorgeous knowledge and excitement of what’s coming up next.

The Specialist

Spotify Wrapped 2022 personality

via Spotify

The Specialist is selective with who and what you listen to. But once you decide you love an artist, you make no attempt to hide it.

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