Spotify Wrapped 2022

It’s finally here! Here’s how to get access to your Spotify Wrapped 2022

You can really tell Harry Styles dropped an album this year

Our prayers have been answered and the Spotify Gods have finally released Spotify Wrapped 2022. But right now, it’s not showing up on everyone’s app so here’s how to get access to your list of stats. And if you don’t know what Spotify Wrapped is, then it’s when Spotify drops a personalised Wrapped experience to every user of their app. The stats reveal that person’s top songs and artists in the year, it shows off the data in a really fun and interactive way with stunning background music. Spotify also makes millions of us feel seen with all the trash music we play non-stop all year long – it’s gorgeous vibes.

You’re told which genres you listened to the most and even how many minutes you spent streaming music. Some people are able to find their own Spotify Wrapped within the app but if not then here’s full rundown and link with how you can access yours.

How to access your Spotify Wrapped 2022:

• Google Spotify Wrapped 2022 or click here

• Then you can follow through to the Spotify app on your phone

• Sit back, relax and get ready to see an abundance of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift

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