TikTok explosion filter

Here’s how to get the explosion filter that’s all over your TikTok right now

Anyone going a step further and adding sirens is evil💀

Every other video on TikTok right now shows people using an electrical appliance, filming a video to send to their parents and then the next thing we see is a huge explosion – something we now know to be a filter. The trend is pure evil, especially when people go as far as sending it to their innocent mum followed by a voice note of sirens. But at the same time, it creates the best content so keep them coming.

Here’s how to get the explosion filter everyone is using on TikTok right now

Okay so the first and most important part to this trend is not filming your video on TikTok because this isn’t a TikTok filter. Here’s a clear rundown of how to get the TikTok explosion prank filter to work:

1. Open up Instagram and your story.

2. Scroll all the way along the filters until you see the magnifying glass.

3. Search for “Explosion.”

4. A few options will come up but you want the one created by @mefekaradeniz and it has the bomb emoji as the image for it.

5. Then start filming your video as you would normally and tap when you want the explosion to hit.

It goes without saying, anyone doing this trend and sending it to their innocent mum is evil but at the same time it helps to create the best content.

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