Apple Music Replay 2022

Here’s how to get access to your Apple Music Replay 2022

Spotify girlies are crying rn waiting for Wrapped 2022

Apple Music has released its own form of Spotify Wrapped 2022 and it’s called Replay. It works pretty much in the exact same way, so if you’re wondering how, here’s how you can see all your music stats for the year if you stream via Apple Music.

How can I see my Apple Music Replay 2022?

To check your 2022 wrapped for Apple, all you have to do is click on the link for the Replay. You can also click this link here.

Once you reach the site, you’ll need to sign in using your Apple ID and password. You can play your highlights and scroll through the page in order to get a better insight into your music taste.

How can I see my listening stats on Apple Replay?

Apple has changed things to make sure its users have a better experience with 2022 Replay. They’ve made it possible for users to check their listening stats and if you’d like to do this then follow these steps below:

1. Listen to enough music in the year to make sure you qualify. You’ll be able to keep an eye on the qualification with a progress bar that appears on your Replay page.

2. Once you have qualified, you’ll be able to check your listening stats.

3. You then, like Spotify Wrapped, have the option to share your stats with your friends and family.

How is Apple Music Replay different from Spotify Wrapped?

To be honest, they’re not that different. They both have personalised highlight reels and show users their top songs, albums, artists, genres and more. Users can even find out whether they’re in the very top percentage of listeners of their favourite artists or genre.

You can also continue checking your Replay until 31st December. Spotify Wrapped 2022 though is apparently introducing personalised messages from our favourite artists to send to us which is a bonus.

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