Married at First Sight UK Christmas special

Omg, the Married at First Sight UK Christmas special is out on Sunday!

Get your mince pies and mulled wine ready x


The Married at First Sight UK Christmas reunion episode is coming to our screens at the end of this week! Zoe Clifton, one of the contestants in the sole surviving couples, confirmed on her Instagram story that the reunion will be airing on Sunday 11th December. The Christmas special will feature Alexis, Amy and Nikita from last year’s Married at First Sight UK and Zoe, Jenna, Chanita, Jordan, Pjay, Duka, Adrian, Thomas and Johnathan will all feature from the 2022 season.

A trailer has since been released ahead of the special and if it doesn’t scream drama, I don’t know what does. Nikita is aruging with someone so you just know it’s going to be good.


Here we go again 🎄🎁🍭 Married at First Sight is back…and it’s everything you’d expect from a big ole family Christmas…festive fun and fighting 🤣 mafmafsukradrianmafsrchristmasspecialrchristmasnnerparty

♬ original sound – Adrian Sanderson

The reunion episode will see the Married at First Sight UK contestants “confront ghosts from Christmas past, present and reveal their wishes for the year to come.” It was confirmed last month that Matt, Gemma, Whitney, April and George would be at the reunion special. A representative for Gemma confirmed to Metro that she pulled out of filming the episode after being “vocally unhappy” with how she had been edited in the latest season.

April and George were noticeable members of the cast not part of the reunion special. A source told The Sun that not every Married at First Sight UK cast member was asked to be part of the reunion special. The source said: “Not every participant from the 2021 and 2022 series was asked. But considering what key characters both of them were during the most recent run, there was lots of chatter on set about them not being involved.”

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