Married at First Sight UK regret

The Married at First Sight UK contestants who say they regret going on the show

Gemma said she ‘100 per cent’ regrets signing up to the show

Married at First Sight UK throws the contestants into a experiment they have never experienced in their lives before. With some of them becoming overnight stars to others actually finding love on the show, a lot of them actually regretting even starring on Married at First Sight UK in the first place. Like all reality TV shows, it can be tricky to navigate life after gaining thousands of followers overnight and becoming the centre of topical conversations on social media. Four former Married at First Sight UK contestants have all spoken about their regret of going on the show and their actions.

Here are all the past Married at First Sight UK cast members who have said they regret going on the show:

Gemma Rose

Following an episode of Married at First Sight UK in which viewers saw Matt accuse Gemma of touching herself inappropriately at a restaurant during their honeymoon, Gemma shared her regret of signing up to the show. While the episode was airing on social media, Gemma became extremely vocal about how she was portrayed on the show and defended herself against Matt’s claims.

In an Instagram story, Gemma wrote: “Have we learnt anything from Love Island? False versions of serious situations and changing the storyline so dramatically ruins lives.” She later held a Q&A on her Instagram and a fan asked if she regretted the show. Gemma replied with a simple “yes”.

April Banbury

April Banbury had a difficult time while on Married at First Sight UK and has said the show ruined her life. Speaking to The Sun, April said: “The traumas I have from being on Married at First Sight are ruining my life. I was given six therapy sessions and basically told to try and move on. People say Love Island is brutal but MAFS is 100 per cent worse. No one should apply to take part until they put in place more stringent background checks.”

A spokesperson for Channel 4 said: “All cast have access to appropriate support before, during and after filming and broadcast, including access to an independent psychologist. This support is proactively offered at every stage and, where requested, ongoing. April has been offered and continues to access such support.”

Matt Murray

Matt was another contestant on Married at First Sight UK who had a chaotic and rough time while on the show. Matt shared his regret about doing certain things on the show, one in particular telling Gemma about his relationship with Whitney. During an Instagram live, Matt said: “There is one point – the one thing is my regret. I was asked to, because me and Gemma weren’t talking when we got to that retreat, then the producers asked me the night before the dinner party to tell Gemma at the dinner party.

“That is my biggest regret because nobody should have been put in that situation. That’s sh*t, this is a sh*t thing to do but everything else there was no shadiness, there was no sneaking about.” Matt was later asked if he had learned anything from his time on the show, to which he replied: “Don’t ever go on reality TV!”

Whitney Hughes

Whitney, who was originally partnered up with Duka, has recently said she regrets ever dating Matt. Despite declaring their love for each other other on the show, Whitney told OK! that Matt is “not the guy I knew”. She said: “I don’t regret how I carried myself but I do really regret being with Matthew. I think I would have been better off going home, but I ran my with my feelings, so it is what it is!”

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