Omg, a video’s resurfaced of Lizzo on Made in Chelsea in 2014 before she was famous!

Sorry but I’m shook

Did you know that global superstar Lizzo made a cameo appearance on Made in Chelsea back in 2014? I bloody well didn’t – not til the clip of her performing for MiC alum started cropping up on my TikTok For You Pages almost 10 years later!

It’s hard to cast your mind back to a time before Lizzo had her huge commercial crossover era in 2019 – when Truth Hurts got to number one as a sleeper hit two years after its release and the singer born Melissa Jefferson went from underground, underrated talent to a Grammy nominated superstar who was smashing red carpets and shutting down Glastonbury with insane, flute-laden performances.

Jamie Laing loving the Lizzo bangers

But as the clip of Lizzo on Made in Chelsea proves, the singer was grafting for a long time to get her breakthrough. The video comes from Made in Chelsea all the way back in 2014, when the show decided to have a random little New York spin off moment. Made in Chelsea stars like Binky Felstead, Lucy Watson, Oliver Proudlock and Jamie Laing can all be seen having a very awkward dance.

The MiC-ers are watching Lizzo perform a cover of Blondie’s song Rapture – and Lizzo’s in a blonde wig, aptly. The clip is doing the rounds again on TikTok, with everyone commenting their shock at seeing Lizzo filmed in that tragic / iconic Made in Chelsea filter.

“What, did I blink and miss this?” One TikTok comment reads and another says: “I saw this yesterday on TV – couldn’t believe it.”

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