All the theories as to why Olivia Attwood had to leave the I’m A Celeb jungle

One theory says her exit was planned all along to create drama 👀

Yesterday, we got the shock news that Olivia Attwood had left the I’m A Celebrity jungle after just 24-hours. Since the news was announced, “Olivia Attwood” has been trending on Twitter, with loads of theories circulating about why her I’m A Celeb stint was cut so short.

Speaking of her exit, a show spokesman said “As a precautionary measure Olivia needed to leave the jungle to undergo some medical checks. Unfortunately, the medical team has advised it is not safe for Olivia to return to camp as there needs to be further investigation. She has been absolutely brilliant and she’ll be very much missed on the show.”

Some of the rumours about her leaving are quite believable, and some of them are pretty ridiculous, but we’ll roll with it. Here are all the theories about why Olivia Attwood was forced to leave I’m A Celeb.

Theories about why Olivia Attwood left I'm A Celeb jungle

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Olivia has posted an Instagram story, which makes it sound like what happened could be quite serious

After her exit, whoever is running Olivia’s Instagram has posted a statement saying she has waited years to go on the show, and was “heartbroken” about having to leave, as she has always dreamt about being a campmate. The statement added that “for reasons beyond her control her journey has been cut short”. It thanked people for their support, and then said “you will hear the truth from Olivia in due course”.

A lot of the internet is convinced she’s pregnant

The most widespread theory about why Olivia left is people questioning if she might be pregnant. People think the “medical checks” ITV said she was having could have been for this, and some viewers are convinced they saw her “touching her belly” a lot during the first episode.

Olivia has been dating footballer Bradley Dack since 2018 and they are currently engaged. After it was announced she was leaving the jungle, it was reported Olivia went straight home to be with Bradley.

Ex-campmate Vernon Kay thinks Olivia had to leave I’m A Celeb because she has food poisoning

Theories about why Olivia Attwood left I'm A Celeb jungle

via ITV

Vernon Kay, who was in the jungle in 2020, has fuelled further speculation as to why Olivia might have left. On Instagram he questioned if it could have been food poisoning, he said: “Olivia Attwood has left I’m A Celeb hope all is ok! Them prawns sat in the sunlight all that time were never a good idea…”

Just before Olivia was seen heading into camp she was selected as the first Jungle VIP, which saw her tuck into a fancy meal with Chris Moyles. A few people have been agreeing with Vernon’s theory. “That was the first thing I noticed I would not have eaten anything off that,” one said. Another added: “Omg I said that I was shouting don’t eat the prawns !!!!”

‘Her exit was planned all along’

Ok, one of the more out there theories is that Olivia Attwood leaving I’m A Celeb was planned all along, and it was all just one big stunt to create some drama around the show. Compelling? Yes. Likely to actually be the case? I’m going to go with no.

She may have just been taken ill

Look, it wouldn’t be the first time someone on a reality TV show was taken ill and had to withdraw, and it won’t be the last.

Or perhaps an injury?

In the jungle, a lot of people get injured. It could be as simple as Olivia hurt herself at some point. It’s probably one of the more believable theories out there.

Neither ITV or Olivia Attwood have confirmed any reasons behind her departure. For all the latest reality TV news and gossip, like The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook

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