Duka from MAFS UK is getting rinsed for his cursed impressions of the cast on TikTok

‘Time to let it go now Duka’

Since Married at First Sight UK finished last week, you best believe that the cast are doing everything in their power to stay in our social media feeds to stay relevant. If they aren’t on a big group Instagram live or doing a Q&A on their story, they’re making TikToks. Or, they could be doing what Duka from MAFS UK has chosen to do – the most cursed “impressions” of his other cast members imaginable.

Here’s what he’s mustered up so far.

Apparently this is Adrian


Duka impression of Adrian 😂 Married at First Sight UK 2022, MAFSUK #mafs #mafsuk #mafsaustralia

♬ original sound – duka cavolli

First up was Adrian, which is a strange choice to do because surely you’d pick your very best impression to start it all off with. There’s not a Scouse accent in sight and Adrian refers to himself as Captain Curtains for some unbeknownst reason. TikTok comments include “Time to let it go now Duka” and “Why is he from Downton Abbey?”

Matt next


Duka’s impression of Matt 😂 Married at First Sight UK 2022, MAFSUK#mafsaustralia #mafsuk #mafs

♬ original sound – duka cavolli

Okay, fair play, the noughts and crosses “tattoos” are a funny touch.

“Thomas”, allegedly


Duka’s impression of Thomas 😂 Married at First Sight UK 2022, MAFSUK #mafsuk #mafs #mafsaustralia #funny

♬ original sound – duka cavolli

The less we say about the costume choices in this one the better, I fear. For someone who cannot do a Scouse accent for toffee, beggars belief why Duka would choose the two Liverpool lads from MAFS UK to impersonate. But here we are. The TikTok comment section is eating this impression UP.

Whitney one is the worst


Duka’s impression of Whitney 😂 Married at First Sight UK, MAFSUK #mafs #mafsuk #mafsaustralia #funny

♬ original sound – duka cavolli

I know they didn’t have the smoothest of MAFS UK sailings, but Duka making this against Whitney just feels… off. The vibes aren’t vibing, and it feels mean spirited to make this about someone unless you’re on great terms together. The TikTok comment section isn’t best pleased.

“If Whitney was to do this, she’d be told she was a bully,” one says. “Bitter much” is a sentiment that comes up a lot. Are we still at the point where we’re laughing at boobs? Are we?

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