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Take this very important MAFS UK quiz and we’ll tell you if you’re more Adrian or Thomas

‘I didn’t anticipate I’d be marrying Clare Balding’

No couple has truly dominated the telly this season of Married at First Sight UK more than Thomas and Adrian, who have had us all in a MAFS grip with their trials and tribulations. It’s been a great season, and let’s face it: Most of that is down to them. But whilst they have both equally entertained us across the season, it’s only natural that we’re all spiritually assigned to only one. Are you more Thomas or more Adrian? The question that is burning on everyone’s lips!

Over the course of the season, we watched their chaotic relationship blossom into a beautiful friendship that even they wouldn’t have thought possible back in the early episodes of the weddings and honeymoons.

Both Adrian and Thomas from MAFS UK have extremely admirable qualities and traits, but they could not be more different. Thomas is known for his outlandish chaos, fiery personality, zinger one liners and sex positive vibes. Adrian is completely calm, thoughtful, relaxed. Which are you more like? Which should you be married to? This quiz will assign you to the Thomas or the Adrian that lives within!

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