Married at First Sight UK memes tweets

MAFS UK was the wildest show of the year and these 22 memes from the final prove it

Kwame’s bench will haunt us all forever

Well, that’s your lot, folks. Besides a sure to be chaos infused double reunion next week, Married at First Sight UK has finally come to an end for 2022. And this year, I think the show’s carnage cast really brought us together as a country – especially where social media is concerned. Every night, we were all on top form tweeting the best memes and reactions to the marital madness we were watching unfold before our eyes. So, what better time to round up the best Married at First Sight UK memes and tweets to remember a season we were blessed to be given?

Here are the funniest. Buckle up!

1. So kind of Kwame really, we all want a homestay there

2. The four horse legs of the apocalypse

3. Why is this the truest thing I’ve ever read

4. A bit of a cinematic mic drop moment I fear

5. Kasia doing this was a season HIGHLIGHT

6. Short… Back… And shepherd’s pie…

7. Literally WHAT a waste of time

8. They deserve to be tried at The Hague to be frank

9. I have never known serotonin like it

10. Presented without comment

11. He needs to trademark this

12. Justice for Ar Soph

13. Bless them 

14. Do they think we’re thick?

15. Experts in what may I ask?

16. Our king

17. The way I thought the exact same thing

18. It is never far from my mind

19. Hate liccle cubs culture

20. Yes they bloody well could

21. Hire them now

22. Just spat my drink out

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