Married at First Sight UK dinner party memes

Do as Gemma says and sit down and enjoy these 21 memes from last night’s dinner party

Gemma was giving Love Island 2019 Storm Anna vibes

Married at First Sight UK 2022 has never seen as much chaos as it did in last night’s episode. As the other couples found out about Whitney and Matt’s secret romance, it all kicked off. Gemma telling Matt to sit down was simply iconic and there hasn’t been a television argument like it since Storm Anna on Love Island 2019. While all the drama was unfolding, Married at First Sight UK fans did what they do best and flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts and they are just as chaotic as the episode was. Whether you’re still trying to comprehend all that went down last night or you’re simply revelling in the chaos, enjoy these 21 memes from the latest Married at First Sight UK dinner party:

1. Kwame spoke facts x

2. The chaos!!!

3. My jaw: On the floor

4. Too iconic

5. Too much drama to take in

6. Kwame was the best groom in that episode by far

7. He knew what he was doing

8. Hehe

9. I just love it!!

10. It’s the same!

11. He chose violence

12. I’ll scream

13. Not a fan x

14. Zero filter!!

15. Legend

16. Can’t hack it

17. Things we love to see

18. We understand babe x

19. We simply have to stan

20. Guilty!

21. It was so obvious

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