Jeffrey Dahmer's parents

Here’s what Jeffrey Dahmer’s parents really thought of their serial killer son

His mother said he was ‘a victim of compulsion’

Jeffrey Dahmer has become the centre of every conversation following the release of Netflix’s new true crime thriller, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. The new series follows the crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer as well as all those who were affected by his crimes, including his victims, neighbours and his family. Dahmer was sentenced to 491 years in prison after a jury found him guilty and handed him 15 consecutive life sentences.

In the Netflix series, viewers are introduced to Dahmer’s father, mother, stepmother and grandmother. Two individuals who continued to support Dahmer despite him being found guilty of his crimes, were his father and stepmother.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s father and stepmother often visited him in prison

Dahmer’s father Lionel, who is still alive today, stayed in regular contact with his son and even visited him while he was in prison along with his wife, Shari. In 1994, Lionel Dahmer published a book called A Father’s Story in which he discussed what it was like being the dad to Jeffrey Dahmer. In the book, Lionel expresses his confusion as to what could have “caused” his son to kill 17 people and blamed himself for Jeffrey’s flaws.

Lionel made clear that above all else he did love his son and he often visited him in prison and stayed in contact with Jeffrey. Speaking with Inside Edition, Lionel said all their visits started with a hug and that he and his wife Shari were the only people who visited Jeffrey in prison.

Shari was Jeffrey Dahmer’s stepmother and she knew him since he was 18 years old. Shari sympathised with Jeffrey and said his greatest loss was “his freedom” and that prison was “a living death for Jeff”.

Dahmer’s mother struggled after he was convicted

Although Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother, Joyce Flint, was hurt by her son’s actions, she would call him every Sunday while he was in jail and in interviews would say she would always love him. In 1993, Joyce said in an interview: “I wake up every morning and for a split second I don’t know I’m Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother, and then it all floods in.”

Months after Jeffrey Dahmer was murdered in prison, Joyce attempted to take her own life but she survived. She left a note which read: “It’s been a lonely life, especially today. Please creamat me. I love my sons, Jeff and David.” Joyce later died in 2000 from breast cancer.

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