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He was one of the few men to survive Jeffrey Dahmer, here’s where Ronald Flowers is now

He’s said before that if it wasn’t for Dahmer’s grandmother then he’d be dead

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is a true crime drama series that recounts the story of serial killer and cannibal, Jeffrey Dahmer. Created by Ryan Murphy, the series looks at the life of Dahmer and focuses on the factors which led to the murders he commited over the years. We see events unfold from the viewpoint of Dahmer’s family, his neighbours, and the families of Dahmer’s victims.

Over the ten episodes the series highlights things that shaped Dhamer into the notorious killer we know him as today. It also showcases the failures of the police which allowed him to avoid being caught. We meet Ronald Flowers, a man who Jeffrey Dahmer drugged but luckily escaped – here’s everything we know about him including where he is now.

How did Ronald Flowers and Jeffrey Dahmer meet?

When he met Jeffrey Dahmer and escaped his death, Ronald Flowers was living in Lake County, Illinois. On 2nd April 1988, Ronald Flowers went to Milwaukee to buy a waterbed from one of his friends, but the events turned out to be so that by the end of the night, he was left alone in a car park with a car that wouldn’t start. His friends had left at this point and Flowers wasn’t able to call anyone for help but then Jeffrey Dahmer turned up.

Dahmer offered Ronald Flowers to come to his grandmother’s house where they could pick up another car, return to the car park and jump start his car. When reaching his grandmother’s house, Dahmer offered Ronald a cup of coffee which he had spiked. Ronald went unconscious pretty quick and then woke up in County General Hospital in Milwaukee with bruises all over his body. He was also missing money and his bracelet.

Apparently when Ronald Flowers realised what had happened he went to the police and reported Jeffrey Dahmer for drugging him. He even took the police to Dahmer’s home but nothing came of it after that. The police said they found nothing that would suggest Dahmer had done what Ronald accused him of. According to Ryan Murphy’s Netflix show, Ronald then saw Dahmer one year later and confronted him however Dahmer claimed he didn’t know who Ronald was. Ronald then told another man who was getting into the cab with Dahmer that Dahmer was “crazy” causing the man to walk away.

Where is Ronald Flowers now after Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced?

Ronald Flowers spoke about his experience meeting Jeffrey Dahmer in the documentary Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster. Ronald called it “sheer terror”. He said whilst he was testifying in trial, he had been working as a counsellor at Lake County Division of Mental Health in Illinois. He had been working alongside individuals who lived with mental illness and developmental disabilities since 1985 and was trained in spotting signs of mental illness in others which he admitted he didn’t see in Dahmer.

When testifying in court, Ronald said if Dahmer’s grandmother wasn’t there then he would have died. Since talking in the documentary about Dahmer, Ronald has tried to live a normal life and stay out of the spotlight.

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