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Steph Pappas opens up about her dad’s death in devastating YouTube video

Absolutely heartbreaking

TikTok and YouTube creator Steph Pappas, known for posting mukbang and lifestyle videos with her family, has announced her dad passed away earlier this week (12th September).

Steph has 2 million followers on TikTok and 1 million YouTube subscribers, and her dad, John, had legions of fans desperate to see his wholesome content. The pair would post videos trying out new food, as well as car-talks. Steph described him as “the funniest person” she knew.

John Pappas was killed “instantly” by a suspected drink-driver just “one minute” away from Steph’s house. The YouTuber’s dog, Cookie, also died in the collision.

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Steph’s emotional 14-minute video showed her opening up about the last time she saw her dad, and how his tragic death has affected her.

“The other night, he was super excited to bring a toolbox over that he got for me,” she said. “And then we all had dinner together; me, my mum and my dad. They brought Cookie over… and they left.

“That night we were laughing on the couch, watching YouTube videos together… We had so many plans to film stuff and go on a trip.”


Photo via YouTube

She continued: “So they left, and two minutes later, I get a call from my mum… it was really terrible. They were only like a minute away from my house.”

John had been hit head-on by another car as he tried to swerve out of the way. Steph’s mum recalls his last words were: “What is this guy doing?”

“I’ll never get over this,” the YouTuber said. “I’m a big believer in ‘everything happens for a reason,’ but this… I don’t think so. My dad is gone forever.” She then showed her subscribers a compilation of unseen family moments.

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Fans offered unwavering support to Steph in this horrific time. “Even though I don’t know you or your dad personally,” one person said. “It absolutely shatters my heart to hear about this. I enjoy watching your videos, especially the ones with your dad in it. He truly lights up a room and brings a smile to my face.”

“He was the sweetest man I’ve ever watched on YouTube,” said another. “Your bond with him was something I wish I had. May he RIP.”

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