Gabbie Hanna lets stranger in home

Gabbie Hanna let a stranger into her house amidst posting hundreds of TikToks

The man said he has ‘good intentions’

Gabbie Hanna let a stranger into her home in the midst of posting hundreds of “concerning” TikTok videos.

Gabbie made nine videos with the man who entered her house, known only as Nicholas, where she called him a “brother in christ” and referred to him as a “lost soul”, before saying: “I’m so happy I met you this morning. Thank you for knocking on my door Nicholas.”

Gabbie says she and Nicholas prayed together, drank coffee and listened to music and then were going to go on a run. In the videos she had changed clothes into a matching workout set.

Nicholas was posting videos of the situation to his own TikTok account, his first ever post only uploaded one day ago showing footage from a nightclub.

Nicholas made multiple videos about entering Gabbie Hanna’s home, the first of which was a stitch to one of Gabbie’s videos where he filmed himself outside the exterior of her home, captioned “Outside of Gabbie Hanna’s house”.

His next four videos were then filmed from inside Gabbie’s home and showed him stroking her cats and filming the interior of her property.

In another upload, Gabbie told Nicholas that a friend had texted her saying: “Gab listen to me now. Get that man out of your house” which both Gabbie and Nicholas branded as “rude”.

In the same video Gabbie pointed at Nicholas saying: “He means well. We know he means well” before referring back to her friend who texted her saying: “I think he meant well too” to which Nicholas agreed.

The last of the nine videos featuring Nicholas showed Gabbie approaching him and saying whilst laughing: “Nick I know you know who I am, why did you lie to me this whole time?” Her demeanour quickly changes and she shouts at him: “Get the fuck out of my house now. Now” before the video cuts off.

Gabbie’s most recent TikTok is one of just her, with Nicholas seemingly having left, where she filmed her reflection in the mirror whilst crying. The caption reads: “Someone just broke into my house. Please, please pray for me just in case.”

After Nicholas had left her house, he uploaded more TikToks where he replied to comments and justified his actions, saying: “Everybody in the comments of her videos that she was posting for days were saying ‘somebody help her, somebody help her, somebody needs to go’ and nobody did except for me.

“I really actually went with good intentions. There was nothing illegal about what I did, I was invited into her home and left when requested.”

The most recent video posted on his account showed footage of Nicholas knocking on Gabbie’s front door and asking to enter the property by asking to use her toilet.

If you or someone you know has been affected by this story, please speak to someone or contact Samaritans on 116 123 at any time. You can contact Anxiety UK on 03444 775 774, Mind on 0300 123 3393, and Calm (Campaign against living miserably, for men aged 15 to 35) on 0800 58 58 58. You matter.

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